November 3rd, 2016 SGA Meeting Minutes


Student Government Association – Joint Docket
Trustee Room – November 3, 2016- 6:30 p.m.


  • Attendance
  • Correspondence
  • Reading of the minutes
  • Allocations
  • Reports:
    • Advisors
    • William (paints around campus) mother just passed away. SGA should
    • First Friday is tomorrow
    • Battle of the bloody marsh 2-4
    • Another tent at the party this weekend. It was very successful this past weekend and we had 0 alcohol related incidents
    • Res life is purchasing cleaning supplies by Wednesday of next week. All supplied will be in the residence hall duty box. Email will be sent out by RAs
    • Committee Reports
      • Academic Affairs
    • Working with Dr. Sharfman to find ways to boost survey usage and get in touch with the Core committee
      • Community Involvement
    • Blue light: Wrap Security provider; 2 options: stand-alone 9 food tower connected to cellular (preferred by smalls) $3600+$55+installation OR $3000 6 foot tower; will talk about this in old business
      • Health and Wellness
    • Instagram frame ordered for the survey; November 16-December 2nd. We’re ordering gift bags and still communicating with the library regarding sanitary wipes
      • Communications
    • Still working on the inter-club GroupMe and staying active on social media
      • Bylaws
    • Meeting after SGA tonight: anyone is welcome to stay!
    • Work with communications and secretary to put it on the OU SGA blog
    • Executive Reports:
      • Class presidents:
    • Senior
      • Hawks game was a success
      • This month is a tour event
        • Junior
      • PCM event is ready to go aside from liability wavers to be distributed Monday
    • Sophomore
      • High Friday
      • Aquarium November 19th
      • Rebecca Stewart for liability waivers
      • CFA catering for finals week
    • Freshman
      • Working hard on the class budget
      • Will meet with President Chris
      • Secretary
    • No SGA comments this week
    • Aramark Focus Group minutes and SGA Minutes are posted on the wordpress blog
      • Parliamentarian
      • Treasurer
      • The Storm and Cheer for $2498.00 allocated today remaining $16299.99 after the reserve.
      • I’ve made a budget summary and will present it to you at the next meeting
      • Vice President of Programming
      • Event this Saturday college football watch party in the cafeteria with food catered in
      • RHA programming board Halloween event had a great turnout
      • Vice President of Senate
      • Aramark Focus Group highlights: emphasized variety in the caf, more themed meals, fried chicken Wednesdays are in place, follow OU dining on instagram, pasta bar every day
      • Retreat: Sunday November 20th Potluck Thanksgiving Lunch and Escape the Room event
      • President
      • No alcohol related events this weekend
      • Chris will work with IFC to keep the food tent going because each fraternity’s bylaws state that every party with alcohol must serve food
      • Exec meeting next week after SGA
      • Chris and Co mmunity involvelent
      • Chris is meeting with Mike Gonsalves about wifi issue next week
      • BLM event coming up so I’m asking Ebony about coordinating with them
      • Next meeting (November 10th) will be in the Fishbowl (Room 225)
      • November 17th we’re planning to meet in OUMA with Elizabeth Peterson will talk to us about library improvements. President Schall will also be invited to talk about the board meetings
      • Saturday the 20th bonding event
      • December 1st budgeting meeting with Norman McKay to talk about Oglethorpe’s budget
    • Old Business
    • Blue light: near athletic parking lot beside Lupton and Goslin. There is a need for it that was established last year so this is definitely a good idea. Brad and Director Smalls will discuss whether SGA will be funding all of this
    • Cleaning service/supplies email needs to be sent out to all students
    • Executive meeting last week:
      • Chris: clarification of roles- if anyone has questions about SGA please ask members and advisors. Chris and Sam created a guide to roles and this will be sent out
      • Solving problems without money
      • SGA meetings will not be Petrel Point besides meetings with correspondence
      • SGA purpose and identity: as issues have changed, we need a better-defined mission statement separate from that outlined in our constitution.
      • Class presidents will post SGA minutes in class Facebook groups after every meeting
      • Meeting November 2nd Leadership at OU was discussed. There will be more meetings like that but there is a great need for more SGA members to be present. These meetings are usually 1pm on Wednesdays
      • Groups SGA isn’t reaching/representing: transfers, commuters, and athletes. Adult students were brought up but they pay only a fraction of the SAF
      • Incorporate SGA into ICC meetings because SGA is the governing body of all student organizations. ICC reps should be required to be officers. Other changes in ICC will be brought up in new business.
    • New Business
    • SGA Day of Service
      • CCE wants to partner with HOSA Feed the Hungry on Saturday, December 3rd volunteer for 3 hours 11am-3pm. Ignacio will send out a Wufoo link to sign up for this. The CCE is hosting Homeless Awareness Week and will be having a guest speaker and SGA members are strongly encouraged to wear SGA apparel and come to these events. Dr. Momon and other non-profit speakers will also be speaking. There is a limit on who can go to these events so sign up soon!
    • Library
      • Max met with Eli and Anne about their budget. They’ve set some money aside for the research fund. This is their first time doing it so it’s a learning experience for them but their budget is not very big. Their budget will begin to go toward more of the research side. There are 4 separate funds that are to go toward this.
      • There was a survey conducted in 2015 about student use of the library. They would like to get 4 more couches and SGA funded the couches in the library in the past so we could potentially look into that. We’ll know more about this once clubs submit their final spending for the semester.
      • Communications should put together a flyer regarding the different library funds to increase transparency.
    • Donations to William: we can’t fund this with the Student Activities Fee but it would be nice if SGA members (who are willing and able) to donate money to support him though this hard time. There will be a letter in the comment box for members to sign and Chris will purchase flowers. Deadline to sign the letter is Monday.
    • Open Forum
    • Parking is forming a committee to discuss. Lupton and Heast have been most complained about but residence hall parking has gone very smoothly. However it does get trickier past 6pm so we can improve on this. Start thinking of student leaders who would be fit for or would like to be on the parking committee.
    • When making complaints, don’t make them anecdotal. Make factual complaints to improve issues.
    • Perhaps if a group presents in front of the entire SGA body and they are rejected, when they come back they should present in front of the entire body again. Potential bylaw review
    • Announcements
    • 25 spaces to go to the High Museum tomorrow. Leave at 12:45 and return between 4-4:45
    • Soccer game this Friday
    • Singer’s concert Friday night at 8
    • First Friday is tomorrow at 2pm


  • Matters or corrections concerning executive minutes may be sent to or brought to the Secretary at the following Student Government Association meeting.

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